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Business Tax does not permit the City to regulate the conduct of a business, but rather serves as a revenue source to support the essential services the City provides.

Public Sanitary & Storm Sewer Systems

Additional registration with other Federal, State, or Local government entities may also be required depending on the structure or location of your business. For more information on what might be required from other local entities please click here. Every person who engages in business within the City of Los Angeles is required to obtain the necessary Tax Registration Certificate s and pay the business tax or obtain an exemption.

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Businesses eligible to receive tax-exempt status include non-profits, charitable or religious organizations. Businesses may also qualify for exemptions during the renewal process. For all cases, the renewal must be filed on time in order to qualify.

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This is called Back Tax. At the time of registration, only the minimum tax is paid with the application.

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The basics matter because, without them, nothing else is possible. As a city, we must focus on delivering the core services to our residents.

We need to focus on the basics and master them. We must do the often tedious but critical work of picking up trash, filling the potholes, issuing permits, and powering our homes.


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Our city must focus on doing the necessary and critical in order to empower our residents to do the innovative and beautiful. By mastering the basics, our city will attract new investment and encourage shared prosperity. I believe our city has lost sight of its critical role. Like a classroom in which students have access to the latest technologies yet struggle to read and write, we have become too caught up in what makes headlines. Much too absorbed in what sounds good politically or what meets the demands of one group or another, our city is failing to do the basics.

We are failing to provide the services that only the city can provide to residents. Focusing on mastering the basics is not easy.

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With leaders willing to stand up as advocates for mastering essential city services, I believe we can improve all our neighborhoods, build trust in our city, and benefit all residents.