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It is also known as the Regimental Police in commonwealth countries. The Indonesian Provosts soldiers are usually posted at the entrances of a military base and are identifiable with their dark blue brassard printed PROV worn on their upper left sleeve. It also helps monitor Israeli military prisons. At times of emergency, enemy detainees are held and sorted by the military police. The corps has very little civilian jurisdiction and for that reason works in conjunction with the Israeli Police when civilians are involved.

They also performed intelligence and secret police functions and were active in Japan and its occupied territories. They were at the forefront of committing Japanese war crime against Asian neighbors. The military police is under the joint jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense , the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Security Committee , all of which manage the activities of the military police. Apart from enforcing discipline and conduct of members of the Army, the Corps oversees security of designated Army installations, performs escort and ceremonial duties, and assists civil law enforcement authorities.

The Kor Polis Tentera is also tasked with crime prevention and investigating criminal activities on Army property or by military personnel. With its roots in the British Royal Military Police , members of the Kor Polis Tentera DiRaja also wear the distinctive red peaked cap, white lanyard and belt, as well as a black brassard with the letters "PT" imprinted.

Military police on traffic duty wear armbands sporting the letters "MP" in red. Since the establishment and inception of the Pakistan Armed Forces , they have maintained their own military police. They can be identified by their red armbands, white cross belts and white combat helmets with the letters "MP", written in white. In some cases, the Military Police Corps have worked with civilian police agencies if civilians are involved. The Armed Forces of the Philippines currently maintains its own military police distinct from the nation's civilian force , reporting to the Chief of Staff through the service commanding generals.

The Saudi Arabian military police are a small subset of the national police and are charged mainly with keeping peace in areas with high levels of aggression and tension. They wear red berets and camouflaged uniform. The Command is headed by a colonel, otherwise also known as the Provost Marshal. The command also collaborates closely with the Singapore Police Force in terms of policing work duties, investigations, etc. The ROCMP is responsible for enforcing military law, maintaining military discipline, providing backup for the civilian police force or serving as combat troops during times of emergency, providing security for certain government buildings, including the Presidential Office Building in Taipei City, as well as performing counter-terrorism and VIP protection operations.

In Thailand , each branch of the armed forces has its own military police force. These investigations include prisoners of war, enemy aliens, refugees and displaced officers within the Air Force and designated areas. Vietnam Military Police is responsible for guarding and protecting the Presidential Palace, government offices and army offices.

The Military Police have three locations in Austria. One MP Co. The Military Police is tasked with law enforcement and the protection of the forces, military events and Armed Forces property. The increasing number of international operations in which Austrian soldiers participate and new threat scenarios hugely expand the spectrum of tasks. In addition to its traditional domestic tasks, the Military Police now also fulfill tasks in international operations. Abroad, they are tasked with extensive assignments. It closes the security gap between a conflict that has ended and a functioning society.

A large number of experienced specialists and modern equipment are required to meet these demanding tasks. The group is headed by a colonel and has members in five MP detachments. Delta Detachment covers the Limbourg and Antwerp areas and is located at Leopoldsburg. The Belgian Military Police has also taken part in multinational peacekeeping missions such as Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Congo. In , duties relating to refugees and deserters in wartime were transferred from the then disbanded Gendarmerie to the MPs. Belgian MPs are identified by black armbands with the letters MP in white block letters, worn on the left arm.

Shortly after the formation of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in , an intentional strategy was made to limit in law and multi-ethnic, crime violation in the armed forces, so to speak, the Military Police, which was formed later on and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the Instruction on Military Police Governorship in the free Bulgarian lands and regions with army presence, the Military Police enforced the law and order in the rear of the army, suspended possible clashes among members of different religious communities and observed for the proper implementation of commanders instructions.

Irrespective of the military police presence in the rear of the army and troops, newly- appointed civil administrative authorities governors were given the right to organize mounted and infantry sentries and armed local guards. The gendarmerie became government guard with military organization and was tasked with maintenance of public law and order, law enforcement, and implementation of police rules issued by the authorities.

The new structure was based on French and Austrian experience. Gendarmerie Corps Chief, subordinate to the Military Minister, was empowered to act as a liaison point between the military administration and the other ministries and institutions as well as to take independent decisions on any issues within his competence. Drafting of bodies for security and interior order was based on the necessity of mastering and integrating this activity under the Military Ministry. With Decree of the Prince No. The intention of the military minister was to be set up a cavalry unit authorized to carry out police duties as well.

Of interest is Ministerial Order No. The names used in the documents mentioned above, "military police governorship" and "military police command", connote the meaning and sense of the specific activities of these bodies and prove that military police history dates back to the very beginning of the Third Bulgarian State.

In started a process of purposeful legislative regulation on the activity of the police forces for public order and security and their gradual differentiation from the Military Ministry. Its activity was to be legally based upon the Regulations on Police Guards, adopted in In compliance with the Decree of His Highness No. Its property, clothing, armament and ammunition were to be given to the Ministry of the Interior. Each of them was to be added to a division and to be set military police tasks in wartime.

Such units were not actually formed but this fact shows the political will for their creation in case of eventual military activities. A Military Police infantry platoon of 60 with an officer in charge and a mounted platoon of 50 were added to any division. The Military Police patrolled in the troops' areas and in the rear, maintaining the order and discipline.

While Bulgaria was getting ready for the war, the Strategic Command assessed the need of military police presence in the army. In a military police sector of six squadrons was founded under the Staff of the acting army. The Military Police were tasked with guarding staffs, transport, warehouses and other army installations. MPs convoyed, secured refugees, prisoners-of-war, military posts and mail, collected and stored weapons left behind by its own or enemy troops, horses and other objects, checked on the regularity of troops at the railway stations.

With Ministerial Order No. It empowered the Military Police to apprehend, subject to search, and detain any suspected individuals as well as individuals without proper documents no matter whether they were civilian or military. In the Act on Military Police Replenishment was adopted due to the necessity of organizational and structural building of the Military Police.

The criteria for personnel selection were too high for that time and met the high standards and specific requirements for performing military police duties. Military police units were tasked with maintenance of order, morale, and discipline in the army. The Recommendations also listed a lot of measures for securing staffs, communications and messages in the rear. In the last chapter, it was emphasized that the Recommendations were valid in wartime and were to be executed on maneuvers and under martial law declared in peacetime.

In January this Military Securing Group was disbanded and a special group for implementation of specific tasks in the army was formed.

In it became regiment. In under Ordinance No. In the Ministry of Defense tasked the General Staff with the planning of the Military Police organization and structure in order to re-establish the service. The Military Police units are specialized bodies under the Minister of Defense for the purposes of law enforcement, prevention and disclosure of crimes and other violations, maintenance of army order and discipline within garrisons, control over army transport and protection of legal interests and rights of the Bulgarian Army personnel. The Military Police, due to the required specific knowledge, experience and skills, had become professional ten years earlier before the Bulgarian Army abolished conscription.

With Order of the Minister of Defense No. On 2 December with Ministerial Order No. On 1 April , as a result of reformation of the national security system, the Military Counterintelligence passed to the newly founded State Agency National Security. Within the provisions of the Czech Law No.

The Military Police are a professional force. As of 1 July , the Military Police officers are equipped with accessories black in colour, including their distinctive feature — the black beret. The structure is based on the territorial principle. Military police officers are assigned directly to military units, and they form also part of military contingents of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in foreign deployments.

Foreign Deployments:. MP personnel typically wear either branch-specific display dress uniforms with white shoulder markings with the text MP or the branch-common daily combat uniform , with a red beret. MP personnel generally do not have legal authority over civilians in non-military areas but only over military personnel and on military installations also publicly accessible places like Holmen Naval Base in Copenhagen. On some occasions MP personnel can support civilian police in certain tasks, but will only have slightly more legal authority than civilians—similar to the police home guard.

Furthermore, the home guard has a police branch, which supports both the civilian Danish police and the military police. Additionally, conscript-based reserve MP platoons are trained in Guard Battalion every year. MP tasks include investigation of serious disciplinary cases and some armed service-related crimes, supervision of military discipline within the Forces, military traffic control and various security tasks.

The military police includes both career and conscript personnel, and is primarily used to guard military installations and supervise military traffic. All military police personnel are trained with basic police techniques and usually receive training for fighting in urban areas. In wartime, the tasks are more extensive and include protection of key personnel and targets, especially against enemy special forces, and surveillance, control, pursuit, arrest and destruction missions. For training, almost all brigades have military police companies. The companies are part of and subordinate to the brigade.

The military police has jurisdiction over military personnel, military areas, installations and exercise areas. However, a military police patrol may stop a crime that it witnesses in process in a civilian area. Additionally, if a military police unit is near to a serious crime taking place, such as a robbery or an assault, and the civilian police are delayed, a military police unit that is near to the scene can offer to handle the situation until the civilian police arrive.

As with some other Finnish Defence Forces units, the military police can be used to provide assistance to the civilian police when they are undermanned or lack special resources. In such case, the military police may take measures deemed necessary by the civilian police. For example, during the Helsinki World Athletic Championship Games, military police conscripts and career personnel were placed along the marathon route to prevent the large numbers of spectators from obstructing the runners.

Before and during World War II , Finland did not have military police in peacetime, but only temporary sotapoliisi "war police". Ex-police officers were conscripted for police officer duty in the armed forces; usually only the officers had police training. Planning for sotapoliisi was still unfinished at the break of war, so regular reservists could not be conscripted. Thus personnel had to be recruited without regard to quality; conscripts found unfit for field duty for e.

However, improvement to this came eventually: the military police school was founded in , and civilian police background was no longer required. The crimes committed by military personnel are, as a rule, investigated by the military. Minor infractions are usually investigated by the career personnel of the unit, while more serious crimes are investigated by the investigative section of the General Staff of the Finnish Defence Forces. In minor matters, the company commander or his superiors may use disciplinary powers, but more serious cases are deferred to the civilian prosecutor who will take the case to the district court.

The Gendarmerie Nationale acts as both the military police and one of the two national law enforcement forces of France. The Gendarmerie Navale, Gendarmerie de l'Air, Ordnance Gendarmerie and Provost Gendarmerie are placed under the dual supervision of the Gendarmerie and the relevant military branch. However, for judiciary duties, they are under exclusive command of the relevant court.

In addition to the Gendarmerie, Naval Fusiliers Fusiliers Marins , Fusilier commandos of the Air Force Fusiliers Commandos de l'Air and dedicated regimental platoons maintain order for their respective branches. The primary units were the Feldgendarmerie , which comprised members of the Gendarmerie. These three forces work together often but are independent from each other. Most of the personnel are draftee soldiers undergoing their regular military service.

Entry to the PA is restricted to serving members of the Defence Forces. Unlike many Military Police Services, they retain responsibility for controlling access to many, but not all, military posts. In addition, they provide a military detachment to the Oireachtas Houses of Parliament and have a large ceremonial role. Historically, they were responsible for detaining political prisoners in military prisons until the handing over of Military Prisons at Cork, Spike Island, Arbour Hill and the Curragh to the Civil Authorities and in the past occasionally provided firing squads for executions the last time being the "Emergency" period of The Arma dei Carabinieri is a gendarmerie force acting as both the military police and one of the four national police forces in Italy.

Formed on 13 July , it has been for almost two centuries the senior branch of the Italian Army , until on 5 October it became a fully independent Service of the Italian military. With a strength of about ,, the Arma dei Carabinieri is a very large organization, including its own air and naval services, but most of its personnel is used for civilian police duties. The Arma dei Carabinieri have gained a very good reputation for the professionalism and organization of their MP units in support of international missions, so much that during the G8 Sea Island Conference the Carabinieri have been tasked to organize and run the CoESPU Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units , to centralize the training of multinational MP units for international missions.

The Guardia di Finanza acts as a specialized Military Police force when called upon. Its normal duties include being a force acting in border control, customs duties, and police investigations into financial crimes and illegal drug trafficking. During the Cold War the approach of NATO to military policing was to provide military police support to national forces in terms of: [30]. In peacetime, member nations of NATO carry out air policing duties in allied airspace.

The two main air policing services in NATO include the Baltic Air Policing and Icelandic Air Policing , both of which serve areas where a force of quick reaction aircraft cannot be sustained. Recently, the air forces of the Benelux area Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands provide air policing duties in turns of four months each. In the Netherlands , the function of military police is performed by the Koninklijke Marechaussee "Royal Constabulary" , a separate branch of the military independent of the Army , Navy and Air Force. Besides performing military duties, the Marechaussee is also a gendarmerie force.

The word Marechaussee seems to derive from the old French name Marecheaux given to an ancient court of justice in Paris called the "Tribunal of Constables and Marshals of France". These constables and marshals were to become members of the Gendarmerie, which served as a model for the police forces of both Belgium and the Netherlands. The term Marechaussee was also used for the Continental Army 's military police during the American Revolution.

Since about , all are trained at Sessvollmoen Camp. The first battalion commander and Provost Marshal of 6. The battalion consists of approximately 50 officers and NCOs, and privates and corporals. Norwegian MPs do not have authority over civilians, except on or in the vicinity of military installations, vehicles or other property or under martial law. They do have authority over military personnel, including in certain circumstances reservists, anywhere, including when such personnel are off duty.

The fourth light is First Street. Turn left on First Street. The Mahaffey Theater and the show grounds will be on your right-hand side. Plenty of on-site parking is available at the municipal parking garages and airport surrounding show grounds. Visit www. Petersburg Boat Show and Strictly Sail merged in to create one large show for both power and sail. In-the-water sailboat displays will have dockage for 50plus boats.

Brokerage sailboats will also be on display. This is in addition to the many on-land sailboat displays. Along with these boats will be over in-water powerboats and more on land. Over exhibitors will be in the main tent, and the tent that visitors walk through to enter the show is devoted to sailing exhibitors, although many exhibitors have both sail and powerboaters as customers.

Many exhibitors in the main tent serve both sail and power, also. There will be a large section for outside exhibitors showing both sailing products and services and trailered sailboats. This is in addition to the many trailered powerboats on display outside. Sailing seminars, run by Sail America, will be held in tents at the show site. A final seminar schedule will be available at www. Pete Web page and through the Show Management website, www. There will also be an authors area outside. For kids, there will be free fishing clinics on Saturday and Sunday with drawings for prizes.

Discover Sailing will also be offering free sailboat rides on Tampa Bay from docks at the show. New this year is the Sailboat Builders and Designers Pavilion. Pete Boat Show. The seminars, which span the four-day show, are taught by authors, technical experts and well-seasoned sailors and cover a wide range of topics. The seminars will be held every day in tents at the show site and are included in the show admission ticket. George Day, publisher of Blue Water Sailing magazine, opens doors to the real cruising life, what it entails, what are the rewards and what are the hardships.

Fifteen Upgrades for Your Boat. From anchor systems to sails to the latest electronics, a well-found cruising boat will be equipped to face the challenges of going to sea safely and comfortably. Bahamas Adventure: Exploring the Exumas. Join George Day as he shares all the secrets of the Exumas. Discover the beauti-. An Overview of Celestial Navigation. Chris Kreitlein, author of Simple Celestial: Navigation by the Heavens Made Easy, will show attendees how to observe the sun with a sextant at local apparent noon in order to determine a position fix using the Nautical Almanac and a chronometer.

Short-Handed Sail Handling. Travis Blain, co-owner of Mack Sails, offers an in-depth look at sail-handling systems, proper reefing techniques, sail combinations and downwind sailing— finishing with questions. Cruising the Florida Keys. Discover how to approach the Keys, draft constraints, shoreside support facilities and attractions. Tampa Bay Weather. Join Bill Ballard, a race officer for the St. Brenda Wempner offers up the secrets of successful bareboat chartering, including arranging for the boat, provisioning and itinerary planning. Cruising for Couples.

With Liza Copland. Cruising in the Caribbean. Liza Copeland brings the Caribbean to life with recent scenic and personalized images of the region, plus information on harbors, anchorages, facilities, cultural information and tips. Getting Started—Is Cruising for You? Liza Copeland discusses boating basics—including boat handling, sailing skills, navigation, docking, anchoring, dinghy management and setting up the boat for physical ability.

The common differences in expectations between couples will be addressed, along with suggestions for solving them. Come on over to the dark side with us. Must be something about the trawler lifestyle that makes it so easy. We tried sailing. We really did. So, we settled into trawler life. Chris maneuvering, anchoring and basic owner maintenance. Operating oilfield service Hook for liveaboard training.

Instructing people on our boat vessels, Chris developed a strong marine background, in Florida, or on your boat anywhere, is a great way for us including maintenance and repair in some unique settings. Plus, we give seminars on They say cruising is fixing your boat in exotic places—and trawler life at boat shows, TrawlerFests and boating renthey are right! Sometimes, Alyse is in awe that the simple act dezvous. In addition community. She still maintains her Louisiana RN license but hasmonthly column on trawlers. But then some of us never really grow up. So if. Chris and Alyse training onboard Sandy Hook with three couples.

Chris and Alyse are on the far left. Married over 28 years, this cruising couple learned how to work well together, understanding and supporting each other at what we do best. Just know that we have many tales to tell about our time on the water, and why it still works for us to travel together on our trawler. We planned a sabbatical to cruise for just one year—but you know what they say about plans! One year morphed into another, and before you knew it, we had too much salt in our veins to return to the real world.

The J-O-B thing always gets in the way of time on the water, so we made strategic seasonal stops to fill our cruising kitty as we traveled the East Coast. Alyse waited tables, pumped fuel in a boatyard and encouraged good fitness at a ladies gym. Chris did yacht deliveries and engine maintenance and even spent time as a chef in a soul food restaurant. He even pushed a magic button working as a bridge tender in Jacksonville, FL. That occupied time more.

Oh—the stories he can tell about the big blue Main Street lift bridge on the St. Johns River, including why the bridge tender windows are made of bulletproof glass. We soon realized our avocation could include it all. As water taxi captains, we mentored the youth of Baltimore, training teens in safety requirements and basic boating skills. As delivery captains, we met so many new owners who were like sea sponges, absorbing all the information we could offer. In addition to our adventures aboard Sandy Hook, we have learned a lot about other brands and styles of boats, too.

Pilot house, semi-displacement, coastal cruisers and ocean passagemakers—each offer unique and valued designs. TrawlerFest University is two full days of immersion in a trawler topic such as our couples hands-on course, or learning basic navigation skills from the experts. Go to our website, www. Photo courtesy Lake Murray Sailing Club. Just two connecting steps. Well, roughly the same dynamic exists with serious diseases.

Chances are that someone who is connected to you via a similar linkage has been affected by a disease like cancer or a condition such as multiple sclerosis. In the Palmetto State, autumn seems to be the season for benefit regattas. This year, the 13th anniversary of this event, was another success. Meanwhile, on the exact same weekend down in Charleston, the annual Leukemia Cup Regatta—one day of competition and an evening of socializing and celebrating—.

Photo courtesy Leukemia Cup Regatta. Photo courtesy South Carolina Yacht Club. At roughly the same time, the folks up on Lake Hartwell at the Western Carolina Sailing Club were making final preparations to stage their annual Hospice Regatta— two days of competition with numerous social occasions wedged into the schedule. Last year, this event drew 69 boats from 14 different states, including keelboats and centerboarders.

He explained that the club raises money in numerous ways, but nearly everything used to support the event—ice, food, beverages, etc. And a true bonus is that each year, the names of the winners in every division are thrown into a hat, and one is drawn to determine which crew will represent the club at the National Hospice Regatta in St. Among the newest benefit sailing events in the state is the Rally for the Cure in Hilton Head, which began just two years ago as a means to raise funds for and awareness about breast cancer.

Gay Rum Carolina Ocean Challenge. Instead, club members are focused on other means of raising money for this cause. In a non sequitur that only a dedicated Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon fan might appreciate, Wilson mentioned a different project for which SCYC members and others in this area are raising funds. The city has already purchased the land and most of the approvals are in place. And maybe some of them will one day become involved in benefit regattas that help to make inroads against such diseases.

It was My father, Maj. Clifford A. McKay, shaped the idea from three components: first—my experience building a Soap Box Derby car, racing it down the hill three times and putting it out to pasture; second—the fun and excitement I had experienced the past 18 months sailing and racing Snipes with the Clearwater Yacht Club Snipe Fleet; third—. Instead of working hard to build a car and run it once or twice, each boy could sail his own small boat, week after week, learning independence, responsibility, and self-confidence.

The World is a Waterpark. Since , we have sold the best rides! For more information, e-mail andy tackleshack. Dad had a unique skill in analyzing a problem and pulling people together to solve it. Through the years, he had developed many creative plans to involve boys and girls in constructive activities. The Clearwater Sun reported on August 15, Maj.

McKay, Air Corps Reserves, last night outlined to the Optimist Club a four-point program he advocates to help combat the rising tide of juvenile delinquency. McKay suggested: 1 a baseball diamond and playing field on the beach, 2 a Sunday school basketball league, 3 a swimming pool and family recreation center, and 4 a sailboat competition for juniors leading to national competition or a regatta in Clearwater. He had been a guest speaker at the Optimist Club meeting the night before and said he really had them all fired up ready to pursue a junior sailing program, and he wanted me to draw him a plan for a simple little sailboat that a boy and his dad could build in their garage with simple hand tools.

I drew lots of sailboats every night. The problem was the price. Every time I had a nice little sailing skiff drawn, it figured out to too much cost. So I finally cut the bow off, making it a buttheaded pram I finished a sample the following week. He scooted out into the bay on the wind, off the wind, across and then reached back to the dock. It was always the same. Dad was not a sailor. His specifics were an attempt to keep the costs down. It caused a flurry of comment by the members as they came in, and they were most all in favor of proceeding with the promotion of the program.

Perkins, Jr. Faulds, W. Jardine, Commodore Guy Roberts of the yacht club, and Maj. Clifford McKay. Roberts commented on the wider scope of boats and boating and the possibility of a wellorganized plan to encourage interest in boating in Clearwater. McKay spoke on the originality of design and stressed the safety factor. The pram is a singleSince he began work as a newsmasted sailboat, seven feet, paper reporter, dad often wrote a two inches long sic , 42 inchstory himself and offered it to the es beam, with a blunt nose newspaper, saving them work and with a rake to her keel and helping assure accuracy.

Faulds and Mr. Jardine nal in design and was created by Clark were to direct that aspect of the program. From the first, to sponsor prams, retaining title subject to he expected a state and a national regatta. In rules and regulations of the Optimist Club December of , the first large regatta was Pram Committee, composed of W. An early Optimist race. The overall cost of the pram is estiPetersburg—only 25 miles. Plans, specifications and The boys never built the boats.

I received a raw hull. I construction procedures are completely detailed by installed the mast thwart, mast step, and other small parts. I printed instructions, pictures and blueprints available planed the edges on the dagger board and rudder, fashioned to boys through their sponsors.

After the Boys from 10 to 16 years of age are to be selected to fire in that destroyed the whole fleet, Clarke completed build their own boats from applicants who qualify for the entire hull. Merchants stepped ability to do the job, selection to be made by a commitforward as sponsors. Fifteen signed up the first week. Clarke tee consisting of N. Faulds, principal, Clearwater began building prams, and on Nov.

Jardine, head of manual training prams raced off the yacht club basin on Clearwater Bay. As they improve in proficiency they launched the Optimist Pram. Plans are so the reality was that on March 4, , The Clearwater Optimist set-up and copyrighted that use of the name, design of Club voted to include girls in the pram program. Susan Smith was boat, title to and use of craft, etc. Boys and sponsailed shortly after the Dunedin fleet was organized in May of sors interested are invited, as well as the public. Next Island Dreamer Sailing School Capts. Learn To Sail With Us!

Designed by Jo Richards and manufactured by LaserPerformance, the Laser Bahia is a roto-mold plastic boat that combines comfort and performance. If it takes a long time to set up your boat and get on. Find Us at Ft. Setup time on the Bahia is minimal, and it can be launched by one person with ease. If you have concerns about carrying square feet of sail upwind by yourself in an unballasted dinghy, fear not. A furling jib and single-line reefing mainsail make singlehanded sailing easy. As a sailing instructor, I used to take inexperienced people out in the Bahia on a daily basis.

The boat was easy to handle. If there were concerns about the ability of the newbies, I would put a reef in before we went out. As people became more experienced, we would shake out the reef and unfurl the jib. Every once in a while, and if the conditions were right, we would use the spinnaker. The point is, the Bahia offers a lot of versatility. The Bahia is a plastic boat, and there is some debate about plastic versus fiberglass. Both construction materials have their pros and cons.

Fiberglass is lighter, stiffer and less forgiving.

Plastic is very forgiving, but heavier and not as stiff. In order to provide a stiffer hull, the Bahia hull is constructed with two layers of plastic with foam in between them. It makes the hull lighter and stiffer than plastic alone. The hull feels solid, and there is no need to cringe if you accidentally ram a seawall. At six feet wide, the cockpit is roomy and the boat feels stable at rest.

Part of the pleasure of sailing a small boat is being able to explore areas inaccessible to larger boats, especially the numerous beaches here in the Southeast. I own a fiberglass dinghy, and pulling up onto a beach is almost out of the question. Having a durable plastic hull allows the Bahia to be pulled onto a beach without concern. A flat bottom and runners keep the boat stable when beached.

A few features set the Bahia apart from similar dinghies on the market. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can play around with the spinnaker, which stores in a sock mounted on the deck forward and launches out of an opening at the bow. The whole setup is launched and retrieved with a single line that serves as halyard, retrieval and pole. The Bahia is a plastic boat. You can play around with the spinnaker, which stores in a sock mounted on the deck forward and launches out of an opening at the bow.

A gnav, or inverted vang, really clears up the cockpit and makes crossing the boat easier for the crew. A center boom mainsheet system is led to a stainless steel roll bar. If your crew finds themselves looking for something to grab on to, the rollbar is right there. A spinnaker comes standard. Optional features include a motor mount, stern-mounted storage box, collapsible oars and a masthead float. I mentioned earlier, the Bahia combines comfort and performance. For comfort, the Bahia cockpit has molded seats that are quite comfortable to sit in.

In fact, the molding goes all the way around the bow, creating a fun place for. I am just shy of six feet, and when sitting in the cockpit, the boom easily clears my head. Although it is rated for five, the Bahia is very comfortable with three adults, and four adults is easily manageable. There is also a semi-hard chine that really digs in Optional features include a motor mount, when you get the stern-mounted storage box, collapsible boat heeled over. People that are new to sailing are not usually intimidated by the layout of the boat. On the performance side, the full-roach mainsail provides a lot of power.

The spinnaker is fairly easy to launch and retrieve once practiced a few times, and with the trapeze, the Bahia easily planes upwind with 12 knots of wind. There is always a compromise when trying to get the best of both worlds out of a design. In the Bahia, this results in less stability and more complexity if you are looking at it as a day sailer. On the performance end, the Bahia weighs in around pounds, and the hull seems as if it was designed more for beaching than cutting through the water.

For more information on the Bahia, go to www. Madeira Beach, FL www. Florida sailors look forward to the fall because it marks the beginning of the sailing and racing season in Tampa Bay. On Sept. On Saturday, over 50 boats raced in seven classes. The One-Design classes raced. First place in Cruising A was a tie in corrected time between Kokomo, a Beneteau 35 captained by David Morrow on the far right , and Shadowfax, a Tartan 30 captained by Michael Baier holding the award in the middle with some of his crew to his right.

Paul Auman, Dunedin Boat Club race chairman, is holding the microphone. Sailing conditions were challenging due to light and shifty east winds, ranging from a light breeze to no more than 8 knots, then changing to the northwest at about 5 knots. Back on land, after a long day on the water, everyone enjoyed a traditional Low Country boil, Caribbean steel drum music and cold beers, while watching the awards ceremony. Everyone had a blast talking with Jen French, U. This year, the Dunedin Cup went to two boats in Cruising A that battled it out in one close race. For complete results, to become a member of the Dunedin Boat Club, or to make a donation for the Youth Sailing Association, contact Paul Auman at paulrauman gmail.

Petersburg Yacht Club sails by in the background. The Sarasota Sailing Squadron hosted over sailors Labor Day weekend, representing 12 fleets on six racecourses. Clubs from all around Florida were well-represented at the regatta. Racers enjoyed a breeze throughout the weekend allowing most fleets to get in seven races.

The largest fleet was the Red, White and Blue Optimists with 74 boats. Petersburg Yacht Club. All of these sailors represented the Red fleet. The next largest fleet of 50 boats was the Green fleet led by www. William Fox from St. In the Spinnaker fleet, Randy St. All three boats had a first place on Saturday, showing the competitiveness of the racing.

Twenty-five Laser Radials were represented on the bay. Patrick Shanahan and Addison Hackstaff, representing St. The Sunfish fleet was well represented with 15 boats. In the Laser 4. Don Perry and Dave Tonkin took third and fourth, respectively. A Portsmouth fleet was created to capture boats unable to make up a One-Design fleet. Scott Liebel and his son Matt gave them all a run for their money on the Vanguard 15, coming in fourth, followed by Richard Hitchcock in fifth.

Complete results can be found at www. See all the regatta photos at www. The next largest fleet of 50 boats was the Green fleet, shown here with several boats in a close rounding of the mark. Monohull and multihull boats 30 feet and over are invited. SORC may also add a double-handed division contact the organizers for more. The Notice of Race is posted at www. To list an event, e-mail editor southwindsmagazine.

Send the information. DO NOT just send a link. Since race schedules and venues change, contact the sponsoring organization to confirm. Contact information for the sailing organizations listed here are listed in the southern yacht club directory at www. Club Racing. Many clubs have regular club races year around open to everyone and new crew is generally invited and sought. Contact the club for dates and information. Individual club races are not listed here. We will list your club races only if they happen on a regular schedule. For a list of yacht clubs and sailing organizations in the Southeast, go to www.

Go to this site for a list of the clubs in the region and their websites. Flying Scot. Keowee SC Miss Piggy. J22, J South Carolina See club website for local club race schedule 10 Double-handed Race. South Carolina. The Sailing Club in Orlando. Racing will be Saturday and Sunday. Registration will be held Friday night and Saturday morning with the skippers meeting following registration. Boat ramps, trailer parking and accommodations are available. For more information, go to www. All sailors welcome. Green Fleet, Optis, s, Windsurfers. Indian River YC. For more information contact Race Captain Diane Korbey at For more information or to enter, call , or go to www.

Club Racing contact club or website for details : Rudder Club of Jacksonville www. Johns River. Indian River YC www. Winter series begins Jan. Wednesday evening races weekly. Melbourne YC www. Halifax River YC www. Commodore Cup Races. Halifax SA www. Lake Monroe SA www. Lake Eustis SC www. The regatta is traditionally one day but the club added a second day this year. Open to IRC yachts with a rating of 1.

It is consistently rated the most fun and best in the United States for youth sailors and their families. Participants include representatives from over 25 countries and 20 states. Unique trophies are awarded up to 10 places and are given out by the mayor, head of the Orange Bowl Committee and Olympic medalists. Fleet racing is supported for Optimists, Lasers Full, Radial and 4. Fort Lauderdale. Palm Beach. The race is always scheduled for the second weekend in December and draws top world-class sailors from around the country and world. The race is sponsored by Catamaran Sailor, www.

Every Saturday — Open house at the Center. Friday evenings happy hour open house at 5 p. Non-members welcome. Small-boat Wednesday night racing during Daylight Savings season. Small-boat Sunday racing year around at 1 p. Boat ramp available. Race in the seaplane basin near the mooring field.

Dinner and drinks afterward. Go to the Club website for regular club racing open to all. SPYC 22 29er Clinic. Munroe Palm Beach Race. Competitors are usually invited to the club to use the bar and dining facilities the previous week with free dockage provided for this period. Many sailors compete in the Davis Island regatta to Clearwater the weekend before and leave their boats there for the Challenge. But this year, they are considering alternatives. Contact the club for details.

For more information, and to register online, go to www. First annual race. Goes to the St. Race is the day after the Clearwater Challenge above. Five or more boats may make a class. The random leg course rating will be utilized. A continental complimentary breakfast will be available Saturday morning, and racing will begin around noon. An after-race party with dinner and awards presentations will be held Saturday evening. This is a Sarasota Bay Boat-of -the-Year event. For the NOR and online registration, go to www. Racing is on the river and the rewards and party are at the marina afterwards.

The regatta is a Sarasota Bay Boat of the Year race. Every Sunday following the third Friday of each month.

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One-design, dinghy racing every Tuesday at p. March through October. Jim Masson at Bradenton YC. Winter Races: Starting in October until April. Races at hours each Sunday. Thursday evening races at hours beginning in April through Daylight Savings Time. Lower Tampa Bay race second Saturday of each month.

Contact John Izmirlian at or fishermensheadquarters yahoo. Clearwater Community Sailing Center. Regular weekend club races. Davis Island YC. Regular club racing weekly. Dunedin Boat Club. Bay racing in St. Paul Auman at , or paulrauman gmail. Fort Myers. Sunfish and dinghy racing once a month, year-round john johnkremski. Third Saturday of month, year-round. Punta Gorda Sailing Club.

Charlotte Harbor. Weekly racing. Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Friday evening races start in April. Pete Yacht Club. Friday evenings except April 3 through Aug. Venice Sailing Squadron. Start at mouth of Venice Inlet. Petersburg SA 17 Drumstick Regatta. Sarasota Sailing Squadron 17 Carlisle Classic.

Clearwater YC Thanksgiving Regatta. Davis Island YC Dec. Regatta Pointe Marina. Sarasota Sailing Squadron Holiday Regatta. Ready to cruise! Call Tony Miro Jeanneau 36i Sun Odyssey. Contact Andy Gillis. January bottom paint. Call Andy Gillis Radar, autohelm, wind, GPS, depth, dinghy. This was purchased in by her second owner has been very well maintained and equipped. Quality built, capable offshore cruiser and comfortable underway, anchored or dockside. Ritch Riddle.

Myers: Pete Boat Show Nov. The semiannual meeting for the Gulf Yachting Association was also rescheduled to the same weekend. Andrews Bay Yacht Club. Open event, raced in Formula 16s. Pensacola Beach Yacht Club. Visit us at the St. Call the pros at Grand Slam for a confidential consultation and a free comprehensive analysis of what your boat is worth. Let us put our marketing program to work for you to get your boat sold. This is a turnkey show piece!

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E-mail ALL photos as separate jpeg attachments to editor. E-mail, phone, credit card or check. E-mail text, and how you intend to pay for the ad to editor southwindsmagazine. E-mail photo as a jpeg attachment. Call with credit card number , or mail a check below. Mail your ad in. Enclose a SASE if photo wanted back. We will pick up your ad.

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How to Sail a Spinnaker - Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

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